APECOSM is a mechanistic 3D size-structured integrated ecosystem model developed by the IRD team in SUMMER. In the SUMMER project, it is coupled two-ways to the ocean-biogeochemistrery model NEMO-PISCES to investigate the biomass distribution and dynamics of mesopelagic organisms, their role in the biological carbon pump and the potential impacts of their exploitation in a climate change context. The animation shows the biomass of three communities integrated over the [1mm ; 2m] size range, from the surface to the bottom of the ocean.
Top left- simulated epipelagic community, top right- mesopelagic migratory community, bottom- mesopelagic resident community.
Credit N. Barrier, M. Belharet, O. Maury, IRD MARBEC. Contact: olivier.maury@ird.fr