Creature Spotlight: Ctenophore

Ctenophores are bioluminescent, gelatinous organisms - also known as comb [...]

Creature Spotlight: Sea Angel

Sea angels... Small, yet graceful. It has no shell, [...]

The Bilbao metro turns into the mesopelagic zone.

Metro Bilbao is hosting a photographic exhibition about the most [...]

Creature Spotlight: Siphonophore

Siphonophores may be some of the most unique and fascinating [...]

Creature Spotlight: Humbolt squid

The Humbolt squid (Dosidicus gigas), also known as the [...]

Mesopelagics – New gold rush or castle in the sky?

In this recently published article, Fjeld et al. performed [...]

SUMMER school course, May 22.-26. in Iceland

The SUMMER project is arranging a summer school course [...]

Creature Spotlight: Lancetfish

Lancetfishes (family Alepisauridae) are one of the largest fishes [...]

Creature Spotlight: Elephant Seal

Elephant seals, also known as Sea elephants may not [...]

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