Sustainable Management of Mesopelagic Resources

SUMMER will establish a protocol to accurately estimate mesopelagic fish biomass, quantify the ecosystem services provided by the mesopelagic community (food, climate regulation and potential for bioactive compounds) and develop a decision support tool to measure the trade-offs between the different services.



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     @sintefhq  and  @azti .brta have published an article on  #mesopelagic   #fisheries  potentials in the NE Atlantic @ICES_ASC @OUPAcademic "Investigating the potential
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    On this day, June 8th we celebrate World Oceans Day 2021! Today we have the opportunity to raise awareness of
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    ASSESSMENT OF MESOPELAGIC FAUNA FROM CABLED FJORD-OBSERVATIONS Read the blogpost from  @unioslo  at the SUMMERH2020-webpage ( . . . .
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    MESOPELAGIC Mesopelagic fish are the largest and last wild living resource that humanity has not yet exploited, and therefore this
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    How are scientists able to identify organisms living in the  #OceanTwillightZone  while working in the field,  #insitu ? Our partners at
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    Modelling the mesopelagic game of hide-and-seek in the ocean ⁠ ⁠ SUMMER is addressing the question of how to implement
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    JETZON has been endorsed as a programme of the UN Ocean Decade! As SUMMER is linked to JETZON, we are
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    What is H2020? Horizon 2020  #H2020  is the largest ever funding programme established by the European Union  #EU  to finance
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    RESEARCH CRUISE⚓️ 2020 fashion of scientific crew on board the RV “Sarmiento de Gamboa” for the SUMMER project. . .
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    Happy World Environment Day! At SUMMER  #sustainability  is a focal point of our research. Harvesting the great mesopelagic biomass means
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    ONLINE MEETING For two consecutive days the  #SUMMERH2020  yearly meeting has been conducted on TEAMS. . . . . .
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    The website by our “sister project” MEESO H2020 is up! Visit it here: . . . .  #research   #euproject 
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    OMEGA-3 Did you know that mesopelagic fish have a high content of Omega-3 (Docosahexaenoic acid -DHA- and eicosapentaenoic acid -EPA-)?
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    Ifremer, the French research institute for the exploitation of the sea, is one of the reserach partners in SUMMER. Through
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    How deep is the worlds ocean, and where is the "Mesopelagic Zone" aka the "Twillight Zone"? The majority of the
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    SUMMER H2020 consists of 9️⃣ different sub-projects, known as work packages (WPs).  #Workpackages  are especially good for dividing work between
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    The Twilight Zone lies between vibrant sunlight and pitch-black darkness, a remote, concealed, and mysterious environment in the world’s oceans.
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    In a summer publication  @ulpgc_para_ti  quantified on a global scale zooplankton biomass from the surface down to 3000-4000 m (Hernández-León
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    Javier Arístegui et al. (2020) acknowledging @SUMMERH2020 in the paper: “Variability in water-column respiration and its dependence on organic carbon